Automated sizing

Load your CTA or MRA scans

AXURGE will provide the measures of

the aneurysm aorta zone in seconds

Risk assessment

With the power of mathematics, simulation and statistics

AXURGE shows you a 360 picture of the aneurysm

and predicts the probability of rupture risk

Discover the EVAR world

AXURGE helps you find the best fitting kits

in the worldwide EVAR device portfolio

The power of applied mathematics, creative programming and web design combined in the ultimate platform that supports vascular specialists, surgeons and EVAR device specialists in the treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA).

Automatic sizing

From CTA or MRA scans in the DICOM format to the sizing and morphological analysis of the aneurysm in seconds!
With the DICOM viewer, measurement tuning and manual and automatic sizing capabilities you get the most advanced, complete and user-friendly free tool on the market

Aneurysm modeling and simulation

Biomechanics and statistics algorithms, mathematical models and simulations provide the vascular specialist with an accurate, patient specific tool to help him or her in assessing the AAA rupture risk

Smart planner

From sizing to procedure planning in a click. Get a list of the best fitting EVAR kits from a worldwide device base. Select the one you consider the best. Get the procedure planning report. You're ready to go!

Patient privacy matters. Only anonymous patient data are shared and stored on the platform

Faster, user-friendly communication between surgeons and product specialists

An ever growing knowledge base for the benefit of vascular specialists all around the world


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